REALLY Or About a Boy who Drew

REALLY Or About a Boy who Drew

Vladimir Oravsky & Kurt Peter Larsen
Creative team

TranslationKatarína Jánošová
PlayscriptAndrej Kalinka, Ivan Martinka
DramaturgyKatarína Jánošová
Puppets, CostumesIvan Martinka
SetsJuraj Poliak
MusicAndrej Kalinka
DirectionAndrej Kalinka a Ivan Martinka


Boy – BirdJán Morávek
Mother – DuckMiriam Pavelková
Father- HenAndrej Kováč
Boy- EagleMiroslava Dudková
Birdie girlJanka Sovičová

Description of the story

At the beginning of the story the boy hears a strange song. The mysterious voice makes the boy search for its owner and this desire provokes him to play a creative game. He starts to draw his own, imaginary world in which both him and his family change into birds. He deeply believes that in this wold on phantasy he will find the one who produces that wonderful, mysterious singing. Everything tangles up and he is no more standing firmly on the ground. He can no more see the difference between AS If and REALLY. It seems to him that nobody is willing to understand him and help him find what he is looking for. And yet, what we are looking for is sometimes closer than we realize. You just need to listen to your own heart.